About Us

Merivale Editions was established by Peter Sampson during the 1980s. The idea behind the business was to make art collecting more affordable and, having worked in book publishing, Peter had many good contacts who were artists and printers.

Peter commissioned a first group of five artists to each create an image of their choice. All the images were printed on A4-sized paper and were delivered in purpose-made mailing boxes. It was before the days of the internet, so he advertised in The Times, Sunday Times and various other publications. Those A4 size prints were known as Merivale Prints; they were advertised as ‘Affordable Art’.

The essence of the prints was that they were the works of good artists, printed on quality paper by good printers, at dramatically lower cost than if they had been sold in a gallery.

Further collections of Merivale Prints followed and also other collections, some of them in large portfolios with much larger price tags. An artist you may have heard of, Edward Bawden, did a very successful collection of copper engravings (which is sold out) and another collection of lino-cuts (still available).

Following his death in 2012, Peter’s wife Jocelyn continued to run Merivale Editions and in 2014 decided to enthusiastically relaunch the whole project.

Welcome to the ‘new’ Merivale Editions.